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Double Down DragOut Gambler

AmericanDRAGCAR 's Double Down DragOut Gambler  is run at each of its 2017 events.  This is a conventional dial-in/breakout bracket true gambler format having no qualifying or laddering of fields.

This gambler will run after the other category first rounds so that racers eliminated from those categories may buy into this gambler as a consolation bracket.

There is no membership required, and no additional non-member fee required to run this gambler.

Race Feefee but racers may opt to “Double Down ” for an additional $20.

PayoutsWinner payouts are based on the number of entries and pay to win only.

Double Down Winner payouts consist of the standard DragOut  fee.

Double Down entrants will also earn Runner-Up pay in fields larger than 32 entries.

Treewill run a 5 tenths full countdown tree.

Courtesy Staging:  Courtesy staging is encouraged but not enforced.

Deep Staging:  Deep staging is permitted.

Cross Talk:  Cross-talk will not be turned on for The

Pairings:  The Double Down DragOut Gambler  will pair racers randomly using the "Poker Chip Draw" method.

The first two racers at the front of staging will draw numbered chips to determine which will be pulled out for the potential bye-run so long as they have not already had an actual bye-run.  The higher numbered chip earns the potential bye.

Then pairings will be made front to back in-line or side by side depending on which is noted on the back of the higher drawn chip.

Lane Choice:  There is no lane choice in the gambler.  In front to back pairings, the first car out of the lanes will go to the right lane on the track.  In side by side pairings the racers will run in the lanes respective to the staging lane they are running out of.

Final Round Lane Choice:  Final Round lane choice will go to the racer having the quicker dial-in.  In instances where both have the same dial, then lane choice will be decided by chip draw.  

Bye-Runs:  The first “no-box” racer in line in staging will be pulled out for the potential bye-run, and will get the bye if there is no other competitor remaining at the end of the round.  This bye may be run in either lane of the race track.

If there is a single competitor remaining in either of the lanes at the end of the round, the racer pulled for the potential bye will race this competitor and will take the right lane on the race track.



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