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DragCar Eliminator Index Inquiry Form

Simply fill out this form completely and accurately before submitting to establish your vehicle's classification and index, with the minimum allowable weight permitted for that class index.

NOTE: These minimum weights vary with each vehicle according to the entire combination of specifics.

Items marked with asterisk* must be filled in for most accurate index assignment.


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E-Mail Address:
Return E-mail address required for return of index and minimum weight information.

Vehicle Make: Year: Model:
Typical E.T. Performance: Track: Alt:

Engine Make: *Number Cylinders:
While not currently the case, some engine makes may receive index breaks in the future
as an incentive to bring a wider variety into the fields.
If Big Block Chevy w/Iron Heads:
If Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Cadilac, or AMC Engine:

*Actual Engine Size/Displacement: Measurement Standard:

NOTE: Using the liter standard will assume the largest possible sizing of that liter rating. Example; 302 c.i. = 4950 cc's which rounds up to 5.0 liter but 5049 cc's would still be considered a 5.0 liter while equaling 308 c.i. Therefore using the liter standard will assume 308 c.i. so it is recommended to use the actual cc or c.i. measurement standard.

*Intake Valve Diameter: Measurement Standard:

*Gross Intake Valve Lift: Measurement Standard:

NOTE: Gross Lift is defined as lobe lift multiplied by rocker ratio without subtracting for valve lash.

*Number of Intake Valves per Cylinder:

*Vehicle Weight with Driver:lbs

*Primary Throttle Plate Diameter: Measurement Standard:
*Number of Primary Sized Throttle Plates:
(IE. 2-barrel, 4-barrel, two 4-barrel, three 2-barrel, single throttle body, etc)

NOTE: Square bore carburetors and multiple throttle plates of the same size need not have Secondary Throttle Plates listed separately. Simply include the total number of throttle plates in the Primary Throttle Plate section.
Not providing Primary Throttle Plate info will result in an index assuming the engine to be unrestricted through air intake and may be lower than deserving for the vehicle as providing Throttle Plate info allows for index breaks for some engines.

If unsure of Throttle Plate size, you may use the following standards;
650-800 Holley=1.688"          850-950 Holley=1.750"          1050 Dominator=2.000"
1150 Dominator=2.100"          1250 Dominator=2.125"          1450 Dominator=2.250"

Secondary Throttle Plate Diameter: Measurement Standard:
Number of Secondary Sized Throttle Plates:

NOTE: Secondary Throttle Plate info only required for spread bore carbs or instances of two differing throttle plate sizes.

*Fuel: *Induction:





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