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ZeroDrag Index Barrier Eliminators

There are nine ZeroDrag Index Barrier  open/unlimited bracket classes reserved for heads-up index competition utilizing the index barrier disqualification format.

Four classes are run on the 1/8 mile tracks having base indexes of;
5.20, 6.20, 7.20, and 8.20

Five classes are run on the 1/4 mile tracks having base indexes of;
8.20, 9.20, 10.20, 11.20, and 12.20

These classes are all run utilizing a Zero-Barrier format which has a no tolerance under-barrier disqualification policy.

1/8 Mile Classes:

220Magnum  runs on a 5.20 index with a 5.00 under-index barrier.

220Special  runs on a 6.20 index with a 6.00 under-index barrier.

220Target  runs on a 7.20 index with a 7.00 under-index barrier.

220Standard  runs on a 8.20 index with a 8.00 under-index barrier.

1/4 Mile Classes:

 440Magnum  runs on a 8.20 index with a 8.00 under-index barrier.

440Special  runs on a 9.20 index with a 9.00 under-index barrier.

440  runs on a 10.20 index with a 10.00 under-index barrier.

440Target  runs on a 11.20 index with a 11.00 under-index barrier.

440Standard  runs on a 12.20 index with a 12.00 under-index barrier.


Race Format and Rules:

220/440Magnum/Special/Trooper  classes run on a 4 tenths Pro light.

220/440Target/Standard  classes run on a 5 tenths Pro light.


"Electronics" prohibited in the 220/440Target  and 220/440Standard  classes.

Courtesy Staging: Encouraged but not enforced.

Deep Staging: Permitted at drivers own risk.


One round of "Blacked Out" qualifying (no times displayed on scoreboards) will be run to establish qualifying order for the purpose of awarding qualifying points and building the first round ladder.  Racers will see the actual qualifying times on the ladder.

Qualifying order is established from the X.00 barrier with the closest on the slower side to the X.00 barrier being the #1 qualifier. Competitors running under the X.00 barrier in the qualifying round will fall to the bottom of the order with the furthest under being in the last position.

Example: Quickest car in a 64 car field would receive 64 bonus points while the slowest would earn 1 point.

Racers running under-barrier in qualifying or not making their qualifying run shall not receive any qualifying points.


#1 Qualifier will have the First Round bye in odd numbered fields or run the bottom qualifier in even numbered fields. The ladder will continue in this fashion having the 2nd fastest running the second slowest and so on through the field.

Lane Choice:

Lane choice will go to the competitor having the better qualifying position.

Bye Runs & Competition Singles:

Competitors may waive their bye run or competition single. In such cases racers only need be present with their vehicle ready to run in the staging lanes during the running of their class with no work being performed on the vehicle.

Elimination Run-Unders:

All competitors start first round at the X.20 indexes with a run-under allowance of .04 seconds. Round winners running under index by more than .04 but not under-barrier are penalized first by round point forfeiture to the defeated racer and secondly with a .05-.20 second handicapped start penalty implemented for subsequent rounds as per the run-under penalty table. Any under-barrier performances during eliminations result in immediate disqualification.

If both cars in the same heat run under-barrier, both cars are disqualified and any racer left on the ladder to face the winner of this pairing in a subsequent round shall receive a competition single.

Run-Under Handicap Table

Winning ET
Next Round Handicap  Allowed W/O Penalty
X.160+ X.20 X.160
X.120-X.159 X.15 X.120
X.080-X.119 X.10 X.080
X.040-X.079 X.05 X.040
X.000-X.039 X.00 *X.000
X.999- D/Q N/A

* Any sub-barrier performances during any elimination round will result in immediate disqualification from competition. If both competitors in a single pairing run under barrier, then both will be disqualified. If both competitors of a final round run under barrier, then the round will be deemed null and void with both competitors receiving Finalizer (runner-up finish) status.



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