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Season X
Grand Championship Series
Race #5


DRAGCAR No-Time Outlaws certainly add flavor to the show!

It was on Saturday, April 30th of 2022 that American DRAGCAR rolled into Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park for what could quite possibly have been its very last drag race at that facility as �the Pass� will be closing its gates forever sometime in 2023 and we have no idea yet as to what their pre-closing �23 schedule will look like. But the weather was great and the turnout was decent so there would be no better way to make a farewell showing at the Pass if it does turn out to be the case. Not only was the DRAGCAR Comp-ET Showdown running its unique brand of exciting all-out first-one there-wins drag racing competition on the 1320 but the DRAGCAR N/T Small Tire and Big Tire Outlaws were also putting on a show for the hardcore 660 fans.

Marvin Wolfmeier (far lane) overcame the RT advantage of Jeff Sefranek in the heads-up round to earn his way into the Comp-ET Showdown Final.

Remember, the Comp-ET Showdown is the Aussie style all-run format adopted to give racers more time on the track to make a bid for Final Round Showdown supremacy while also scoring points for the season series year-end DRAGSTAR title. All entries get 2 qualifying rounds, 3 competition rounds, and then the final pairing is chosen by highest race points scored for the event to battle it out for the win.

Gary Cope (near lane) overcame the RT advantage of Thomas Maynard in the heads-up round to earn his place in the Comp-ET Showdown Final.

After qualifying was completed, the Fast Five consisted of Scott Gibson in his Windsor powered Fox body with a 10.146/131mph charge for the top spot while Tom Maynard in his Lima powered Mustang II posted a 10.159/132mph effort for #2. Gary Cope took the #3 spot with a 10.258/131 in his Windsor powered Fox body while Don Pena picked up #4 with a 10.562/124 out of his Cuda, and Lonnie Andazola grabbed #5 with a 10.569/128 in his small block powered first gen Camaro. After adding in the qualifying reaction times however, the final qualifying order had Gary Cope scoring #1 with 73 points as Jeff Sefranek and Kyle Holbrook argued over the #2 spot with 65 points each, and Thomas Maynard held 4th with 64 points while Scott Gibson held on to 5th with 61 points.

Michael Porter brought out his Mustang to secure a 3rd place finish in the Comp-ET Showdown.

Competition Round 1 opened with Jeff Sefranek throwing away his shot at a Final Round Showdown as he went -.018 red against Gary Cope who laid down a tough to beat .016 RT and Chris Holbrook knocked out a hard .002 RT against Monique Allen�s .065 to take the round win from her, but the race of the round was between Marvin Wolmeier in his Vega wagon on a 10.90 index against Eric Daniels in his Vega hatchback on a 10.80 for a near heads-up drag race. Mr Wolf took a .04 RT advantage with his .023 light but as Daniels closed the gap going down the track, it was still the wagon out in front by a fender at the stripe with a 10.921 over the quicker 10.816.

Monique Allen (far lane) laid a .009 RT on Kyle Holbrook who still got around her for the Comp-ET Showdown heads-up round win and a 4th place finish.

In Competition Round 2, Jeff Sefranek again opened the round as he staged against Thomas Maynard. Sefranek opted down to a 10.80 index while Maynard was still on his original 10.15, and that proved detrimental to the small block racer as Sefranek�s .014 RT over a .028 just wasn�t enough to hold on to the lead as Maynard took the stripe by just .023 with a 10.168 over the losing 10.855 effort. Marvin Wolfmeier then started a trend in C2 as, while he took a red-light win from Steven Sheffer, they both laid down dead-on index passes with Wolf going 10.908 to Sheffer�s 11.659 to earn them each index bonus race points. Then Michael Porter upped the ante as he put a much needed hole-shot on Chris Holbrook and held on to take the stripe by just .004 while scoring bonus index points of his own by running a dead-on 12.256 over Holbrook�s under-index 11.913 on an 11.95 charge. Next up was Gary Cope on his 10.25 against Kyle Holbrook on an 11.40 and it was Cope taking a decisive RT advantage off the line to get around Holbrook for the .035 MOV win while running, yep, dead-on 10.257 over Holbrook�s dead-on 11.406 to earn them each index bonus points as well.

Chris Holbrook (far lane) virtually matched Steven Sheffer for RT to take the win in the Comp-ET Showdown heads-up round but it was Sheffer finishing 4th for the night.

Finally it was Competition Round 3, the �heads-up� round, where everybody left in competition with a running vehicle was paired in order of indexes. First out of the lanes was Jeff Sefranek on a 10.80 taking on Marvin Wolfmeier on his 10.90. Sefranek took a .013 RT lead at the tree but his 10.822 effort was still .056 shy of getting around Wolmeier�s under-index 10.853 charge. Next up was Gary Cope on his 10.25 taking on Thomas Maynard on his 10.15. Maynard took a .011 RT advantage off the tree but forgot it wasn�t a breakout race and dropped 5mph to give up the stripe by .025 while running 10.192 against Cope�s dead-on 10.256 all-out performance. Kyle Holbrook then faced Monique Allen in an 11.40 vs. 11.60 drag race but though Allen�s .009 RT was .010 better than Holbrook, her 11.689 was too far off the pace to stay out in front of the Mustang taking the stripe by .054 with a good 11.425 performance. Then the final pair of the round saw Steven Sheffer on his 11.65 taking on Chris Holbrook on his 11.90. Sheffer took very little lead off the tree with his .027 over Holbrook�s .028 but at the finish line it was Holbrook out front by .059 with an under-index 11.865 over Sheffer�s better 11.675 effort while Michael Porter was forced into a single after his opponent failed to show for the round.

Gary Cope (near lane) left too soon in the Comp-ET Showdown Final to hand the win over to points leader Marvin Wolfmeier.

So with the race points all tallied, only Gary Cope, Marvin Wolfmeier, and Michael Porter had scored 3 round wins but it was Gary Cope leading with 773 points and Marvin Wolmeier in 2nd with 606 points while Michael Porter sat in 3rd place with 593 points. This set the Final Round Showdown pairing to be between between Cope and Wolfmeier while Porter would take home 3rd place money for his efforts on this night. The Final looked like it would be a good one on paper as Gary Cope had run dead-on his 10.25 index twice during the competition rounds and Marvin Wolfmeier run a 10.853 the round prior to be on his new 10.85 index, but Cope still had the luxury of the .03 run-under cushion to his advantage. As it turned out however, all that paper chase meant nothing as once both sides of the tree had dropped for the Final Round Showdown, it was Cope�s lane glowing red that allowed Marvin Wolfmeier a worry free 10.885 pass into the winner�s circle.

DRAGCAR No-Time Outlaws put on a wicked show with power wheelies, tire smoke, and header fire!

So the final race results for this (maybe) last race at the Pass have Marvin Wolfmeier scoring the race win with 806 points, Gary Cope taking Runner-Up with 773 points, and Michael Porter scoring 3rd at 593 points. Kyle Holbrook finished 4th with 515 points and Steven Sheffer took a 5th place finish with his 507 points scored.

Jay Conway actually put it on the back bumper on this pass to  seemingly end his night but he still ended up in the N/T Outlaws Small Tire Final.

But that wasn�t all there was to the DRAGCAR portion of the night�s events as the N/T Small Tire and Big Tire Outlaws were also out in force to beat on the Wild Horse Pass track surface for what might have been their last time. In round 1 of Small Tire eliminations, 13 of the total signed up racers made it to the starting line with Jay Conway being one of them even after his incredible bumper-dragging wheelstand during test session one which looked to possibly have hurt the little Fox body Mustang. Once eliminations started though, Conway looked to have his pony in line as he marched through the field to a Small Tire final round showing against Josh Edward in the famed Seasbiscuit Camaro. Seasbiscuit seemed to be untamed throughout the night but Edwards was still laying down pretty solid runs as he made his way though the field and into the Final Round against Conway. In his own words, Jay Conway felt as though he brought a knife to a gunfight but at the 330� mark on the final round, it looked like a real close race as Edwards had to pedal a loose condition early on in the run. At somewhere around 400� however, Conway�s steed got wild on him and had him lifting well out of the groove to concede to Josh Edwards for the N/T Outlaw Small Tire Win. As is always the case, the Big Tire field was a bit smaller but a pretty tough one nonetheless. And in the Final Round it was Jeff Sims in his familiar Monza making another showing against Dee Pfinster in his �69 Camaro. Both racers staged, the tree flashed, and it was Pfinster with the hole-shot lead that Sims was just unable to regain ground on to allow Pfinster a dominating lead across the finish line for the N/T Outlaw Big Tire Win.

Josh Edwards (far lane) met Jay Conway in the N/T Outlaws Small Tire Final.

We thank all the DRAGCAR N/T Outlaw racers for their participation and support of the program and we thank Bill & Michelle Wallace for their help in running the program within the DRAGCAR lineup.

Josh Edwards earned another N/T Outlaws Small Tire Win in "Seabiscuit".

Thanks goes out to Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, Chuck Sundstrum and the entire WHP crew for the past 9 years hosting American DRAGCAR, the Comp-ET Showdown Series�, and the N/T Outlaws.

Jeff Sims (near lane) was late on the leave in the N/T Outlaws Big Tire Final and couldn't make up the lost ground on Dee Pfinster in his Camaro.

Next on the DRAGCAR calendar is the Comp-ET Showdown Series Finals weekend on October 15th and 16th Tucson Dragway with the DRAGCAR N/T Outlaws scheduled to be putting on a show for both days.


Dee Pfinster went away with the N/T Outlaws Big Tire Win.

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