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(Updated 1/30/21)

2020 Season IX

    The 2020 CoViD-19 pandemic situation has been rough for sure, and though DRAGCAR's schedule initially looked to possibly have been able to skirt around the numerous shutdowns which started just after March 12th's Race #4, such wasn't to be the case as races #5 and #6 have since been cancelled by the hosting facilities for those events. And at this point, the final races of the season still remain in question as other race dates and hosting facility schedules continue moving through changes almost on a daily basis with little notice in each instance. It is for these reasons that the 2020 Season IX Grand Championship Drag Racing Series is being halted with any remaining 2020 DRAGCAR race dates to be run as single races with new 2021 rules and formats being implemented to allow racers to get acquainted with the new rules prior to the start of the next points series. As a consolation to those racers high in the points standings, the top 5 points earners of this season will receive their Season End Bonus Payouts as they stand at this point. No, we're not happy about having to do this to the season points series but at this point, it's what's best for the DRAGCAR racers as we look forward to implementing new revisions to the CompStar Eliminator series program.

    As of now, the following changes will be implemented;

CompStar Eliminator will be renamed to Comp-ET to more accurately depict what the category is about, Comp Eliminator style ET racing.

The Comp-ET Race Fee/Payout structure will move to become a straight fee/payout format.

Member Race Fee will be $40 with Non-Member Race Fee being $50.

Race Win Payouts will be increased considerably with Round Payouts being doubled after starting with 4th round winners.

17-32 entry fields will pay $600.00 to Win while 33-64 entry fields will pay a cool $1000.00 to Win.

Contingency pay will be increased to become an additional 10% of Race Win Pay meaning a $1000.00 race winner will earn $1,100.00 if running their DRAGCAR contingency stickers on both sides of their vehicle.

Race Payouts will return to being paid out on the day of the race at the end of the event.

Racers must collect their winnings on the day of the race.

Indexing standards will change slightly.

Non-PAD indexing will change to become a straight rounding rather than adding .01 to the racers' Q-ET's.

Example: 10.030-10.079 = 10.05 Index

 Under-Index allowance: -.020

PAD indexing will change to round Q-ET's down .02.

Example: 10.050-10.099 = 10.05 index

 Under-Index allowance: -.000

Under-Index Disqualification Barrier will be tightened to -.100.

Probationary Under-Index DQ Barrier will set to -.050.

Fair Competition Guarantee will be awarded at time of race instead of being mailed out.


2020 Season IX Opener at Wild Horse Pass

    January 25th 2020 will be the Season IX DRAGCAR American Flowtech Grand Championship Series Opener and the new Arizona Differential Specialists CompStar Eliminator featuring a new split tree option to accommodate racers of both pro tree and full tree preferences.

    And January 26th of the same weekend will be Race #2 of the Season IX Grand Championship Series at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park running on an 1/8 mile format.

    Bring Your DragCar!

Season IX Race Format Changes

    New for Season IX is the merging of TopComp (T/E) and SportComp Eliminators (S/E) into one combined class re-named CompStar Eliminator.

    This new class allows allows racers a split tree choice having 5-tenths full tree and 5-tenths pro tree options and remains open to both electronics and non-electronics racers. Full tree racers must put an "F" on their vehicle to get the full tree.

    Also new for Season IX is the 3-level progressive race fee/race pay option for DRAGCAR members with 2 race fee/race pay options for non-members. Members will get to choose from $20, $40, or a new $60 race fee/race pay option while non-members will get to choose from $30 and $50 race fee options.

    Non-members will now also become eligible for round pay and automatically become paid members with membership dues deducted from their win pay.  

    Another change seen in the special awards programs will make each of these awards more valuable to DRAGCAR members. The Best Elimination Reaction Time (BERT) and the Best Losing Package (BLP) awards will be added to with a new Best Qualifying Reaction Time (BQRT) award, and all 3 will reward racers with season points bonuses that will add to their season end bonus payouts. Additionally, ties for these awards will now reward both racers with bonus points as apposed to just awarding the first racer to record the performance.

    The Dead-On Your Index (DOYI), Right-On Your Light (ROYL) and Perfect Pass flat cash awards will be replaced by a new rollover cash rewards program being sponsored by Porter Racing who is posting $50 per race per award for DOYI and ROYL performances. These awards, if unclaimed, will rollover independently each time they are unclaimed throughout the season so may possibly become worth as much as $400 for each award at the Season Finals race in October. Along with this new DOYI/ROYL rewards format, racers will now also be able to claim both awards at the same race, even if on separate passes, but just as in the past, it is not required that these performances be made on a winning round. This means that it could be foreseeable that one lucky racer could possibly pick-up a cool $800 cash bonus at the 2020 Season Finals without even winning the race. Imagine adding a race win to that!

    Season IX will also be giving out Race Winner "Kill" stickers to race winners so that racers can now boast their "kill rate" on their cars as they collect these Eliminator Winner stickers.



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