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(As of May 1st 2019)

2019 Season VIII Race Schedule Revised

    Due to a scheduling conflict inside the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park 2019 event schedule, the October 20th Area 51 Racing Season Finals will be moved up to the already existing October 19th date at Wild Horse Pass and September 21st at Wild Horse Pass will be added to the schedule to keep the total 8-race schedule intact. So the remaining Season VIII race dates are;

May 11th - Tucson Dragway
May 12th - Tucson Dragway *Make-up for March 23rd*
June 8th - Wild Horse Pass *Bonus Race*
September 7th - Tucson Dragway
September 21st - Wild Horse Pass
October 19th - Wild Horse Pass

March 23rd Raincheck Policy

    The March 23rd Tucson Dragway Race #3 "Rain Date" is set for May 12th at Tucson Dragway.

    All racers who were entered into Race #3 will get free race entry into the May 12th race when they show up for sign-up. Note that Tucson Dragway will also be allowing those racers from March 23rd a free tech card for the May 12th date as well. Those who are on the March 23rd sign-up list that don't show up for the May12th race will be issued a "Rain Check" good for 1-year for any DRAGCAR race date following the May 12th 2019 race.

    Any racers who missed Race #3 are still able to jump in just by signing up at the May 12th race as well. Racers already having a free entry are welcomed to upgrade their race fee level simply by paying the difference during sign-up.

    All racers who were signed-in for March 23rd race have been awarded 500 "Rain-Out" points and all racers who sign-up for the May 12th rescheduled race will still be awarded the full additional 1000 "Show-Up" points upon signing in.

June 8th Bonus Race Added to Season VIII

    June 8th at Wild Horse Pass has been added to the Season VIII Grand Championship Series schedule as a Bonus Race which will allow for racers who have missed any season races a chance to make up some much needed series points. This bonus race will also allow for racers who make all of the the now 8 series races the ability to throw out their lowest scoring race of the season.

    This race will also serve as the one eighth mile race of Season VIII.




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