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JuniorComp / JuniorSport Eliminator


        JuniorComp / JuniorSport Eliminators are reserved for vehicles built or modified exclusively for Junior Dragster drag racing competition use.


JumiorComp Eliminator  JrC



JumiorSport Eliminator  JrS



JuniorComp / JuniorSport Eliminator

AmericanDRAGCAR 's JuniorComp / JuniorSport Eliminators are on a non-breakout handicapped start drag racing format just for Junior Dragster racers.

After qualifying in an "all run" field, racers are assigned Adjusted Indexes which are based solely off of their actual qualifying performances and rounded off in 5 hundredth intervals, .05, .10, .15, etc.

Example: Qualifying between 11.530 and 11.579 will set a racer's adjusted index at 11.55 while allowing for lowered indexes to be opted for by the racer prior to the start of eliminations.

Racers are permitted to run two hundredths (.02) of a second under their initial adjusted index without suffering any penalty but lose this "cushion" after incurring their first run-under re-indexing penalty during eliminations.

"Sandbagging" is kept to a minimum through points and re-indexing penalties which progressively worsen as racers run further under their E1 (1st round) adjusted index.  There are also hard disqualification barriers for racers running .101 or more under-index during eliminations.  "Sandbagging" is not tolerated and racers are subject to being banned if it is determined that they are practicing this technique to gain an advantage.

Season End Bonus Payouts are based on finishing position, points total, and number of events run so more points earned means more money and the more races run, the more money earned for your points.  It's all about showing the appreciation deserved by the hardcore drag racers!

             JuniorComp / JuniorSport Eliminator  Basics

        Racers don't need to know all of the rules that go into  AmericanDRAGCAR 's JuniorComp/Sport Eliminators to successfully compete.  Just run honest and all out, and let the program work for you.  The rules are solely designed to eliminate the benefit of "sandbagging" and to allow for honest all out drag racing excitement for the racer and fan alike.  This is the only program of it's kind anywhere.

Policy and Rules

CATEGORY ELIGIBILITY: JuniorComp / JuniorSport Eliminator  is open to all Junior Dragster legal vehicles which pass the safety inspection.

JuniorComp Eliminator
Ages 14-18: 6.780 Qualifying Minimum w/6.699 Eliminations DQ
Maximum Permitted 660' Trap Speed: 110.00 MPH
JuniorSport Eliminator
Ages 13-18: 7.780 Qualifying Minimum w/7.699 Eliminations DQ
Ages 10-12: 8.780 Qualifying Minimum w/8.699 Eliminations DQ
Ages 8-9: 12.780 Qualifying Minimum w/12.699 Eliminations DQ
Maximum Permitted 660' Trap Speed: 85.00 MPH

Any racer exceeding the qualifying performance restrictions will be removed from the field and refunded their race fee.

JuniorComp Eliminator : 4 Tenths Pro Tree.
JuniorSport Eliminator : 5 Tenths Pro Tree.

DEEP STAGING:  Permitted.

COURTESY STAGING:  Not enforced.

QUALIFYING:  Qualifying runs shall be made in all out, full throttle fashion.  Racers not adhering to this request will be subject to post qualifying race ejection or disqualification.

Qualifying OrderQualifying order will be in the order of racers' reaction times from quickest to slowest.  Ties will be awarded to those having the larger performance product.

QUESTIONABLE PERFORMANCES: Questionable qualifying and race performances are evaluated in the AmericanDRAGCAR  speed graph performance analyzing program that is used to determine the extent as to how much a racer may have been holding when qualifying in less than an all-out fashion.

Racers deemed to be “holding” whether by intent or opportunity during an event are subject to a manually reset adjusted index, race ejection, or guild suspension.

Racers found to be exhibiting “sandbagging” characteristics during post race analysis shall be notified and placed on a probationary status for subsequent events.

QUALIFYING PERFORMANCE VERIFICATION: Racers are encouraged to bring their time slips to the AmericanDRAGCAR  operations trailer directly following each qualifying round if they are concerned that there may be incorrectly recorded performances.

LADDERINGRacers will be laddered onto a Sportsman ladder for 1st round of eliminations using each racer's best qualifying reaction time to establish their ladder positions.

1st Round Bye RunIn odd numbered fields, the 1st round bye-run will be awarded to the racers having posted the best qualifying reaction time.

ELIMINATIONSEliminations are run on a handicapped start based off of the Adjusted Indexes with the first racer to cross the finish line being the winner regardless of elapsed time in most cases.

ADJUSTED INDEXES: Adjusted Indexes are established by rounding each racer's best qualifying performance in 5 hundredth increments. 

Racers will have their qualifying ET's rounded to the nearest 5 hundredths for their Adjusted Index.
  10.030 through 10.079 rounds to a 10.05 adjusted index.

PRE-RACE INDEX OPTIONRacers may opt to have their Adjusted Index lowered by any amount in 5 hundredths increments (.05, .10, .15, etc.) prior to starting eliminations.

ONE-TIME RE-INDEX OPTIONRacers may opt to lower their Adjusted Index by any amount in 5 hundredths increments (.05, .10, .15, etc.) at any time during elimination rounds.  This may only be done one time during the course of eliminations.
   Once a racer has opted to have their adjusted index lowered, it may not be raised for any reason outside of correcting a clerical error.

RUN-UNDER RE-INDEXING PENALTY:  Racers who win their rounds while running sufficiently under-index will be Re-Indexed for their subsequent elimination rounds in accordance with the run-under penalty re-indexing tables.

Bye/Single Run Exemption:  Any racer choosing to run out their bye-run or competition single may do so without any threat of being penalized for an under-index performance.  Racers who do run under-index on their single pass shall be re-indexed in the same manner as a qualifying run with no penalties being levied.

Red Light Win Exemption:  Racers winning their round by red light but running sufficiently under index shall be re-indexed in the same manner as a qualifying run with no penalties being levied.

Run-Under Points PenaltyExcept in cases of single runs and red light wins, a racer winning a round while running under their index in an amount which warrants Re-Indexing for the following round will also forfeit the round points to the eliminated opponent.

Dual Run-Unders:  In cases where both racers run under-index sufficiently to incur a Run-Under penalty, the round winner will be the racer who crossed the finish line 1st and the round points will go to the defeated racer.

Final Round Run-Under PenaltiesIn addition to the round points penalty for racers winning their Final Round races while running under their index sufficiently to incur a Run-Under penalty, race winning Final Round Run-Unders which would normally be subject to Re-Indexing will initiate a 50/50 split of the Winner/Runner-Up purse between the finalists and award the race win points to the runner-up (Judicator) finisher as well.

UNDER-BARRIER DISQUALIFICATION:  Racers who run in excess of 1 tenth (-.10) under their first round Adjusted Indexes at any point during the race will be subject to an Under-Barrier disqualification.
NOTE: Atmospheric conditions and total field run-under average will be taken into account before the final decision of any disqualification will be made.

Bye/Single Run Exemption:  Any racer choosing to run out their bye-run or competition single may do so without any threat of being penalized for an under-barrier performance.  Racers who do run under-barrier on their single pass shall be re-indexed in the same manner as a qualifying run with their under-index barrier being reset to their new index.

Red Light Win Exemption:  Racers winning their round by red light but running under barrier shall be re-indexed in the same manner as a qualifying run with their under-index barrier being reset to their new index.

Probationary Status:  Racers who have incurred an Under-Barrier Disqualification will remain on probationary status for a 12 month period and a 2nd offense will subject the racer to a total points stripping in addition to a possible ban from subsequent guild events for a period of time to be determined pursuant to the offense.

Dual Under-Barrier Runs:  In cases where both racers run Under-Barrier (-.10) as to be subject to Under-Barrier disqualifications, both racers will be disqualified and no round points will be awarded.  

Dual Under-Barrier Final:  If a dual Under-Barrier race is encountered in a final round, both racers will be awarded runner-up status and runner-up pay accordingly as per each racer's race fee.

FAIR COMPETITION GUARANTEE POLICYAny racer having been defeated  solely due to another racer's under index performance where having  made a perfect run would theoretically still have lost the race will receive the Fair Competition Free Race Entry certificate for a future race.  

SINGLE-RUN REQUIREMENTSRacers having been awarded bye-runs or competition singles where their opponent has failed to make the call to the lanes are not required to make the run or break the beams but must be present in the staging lanes with their vehicle in race ready condition having no work being performed on it during the running of their Eliminator.  Racers failing to meet this requirement will be subject to a missed round disqualification.

RE-RUN REQUESTSRe-runs at the request of the racer shall only be granted in instances where both competitors involved agree and are both present to make the request to the race director.

Re-Run Indexes:  In re-run situations where either or both racer(s) had run under-index on the initial run, said racer(s) shall be Re-Indexed without penalty for the re-run.

JuniorComp / JuniorSport Eliminator
 Run-Under Penalty
Re-Indexing Table






















NOTE:  All Re-Indexing run-under calculations are based off of 1st round Adjusted Indexes regardless of the number of index re-adjustments. This means that running under a 5 hundredths re-adjusted index by 3 hundredths will be calculated as an 8 hundredths run-under.

NOTE:  Once a Re-Indexing run-under penalty has been assessed for a  racer, the 2 hundredths cushion is lost and subsequent run-under penalties are assessed immediately upon running under the re-adjusted index.  Run-under cushions may be restored when opting for the one-time re-indexing or when being re-indexed from a single run or red light win.



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