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Welcome to   AmericanDRAGCAR

What is AmericanDRAGCAR ?

AmericanDRAGCAR  is Drag Racing!

What is Drag Racing?

Drag Racing, v. 1. a competition of acceleration between multiple vehicles on a straight course with the objective being to cross the finish line first.

There is no "breakout" in drag racing and there is no breakout in AmericanDRAGCAR !

AmericanDRAGCAR  is Drag Racing!

AmericanDRAGCAR  incorporates a variety of formats
all aimed at providing racers with all-out, no breakout drag racing
that remains competitive for all participants involved
while also providing spectators with an easily understood
and exciting to watch drag racing show.

DRAGCAR 's SportComp  Eliminator  is the "run what ya brung" format that provides everybody running 6 second dragsters to 16 second daily drivers the ability to compete in a real all-out drag racing competition on virtually any racing budget.  If you have a vehicle safe and legal to run down the track, you can compete in SportComp Eliminator.

DRAGCAR 's ClassCar Eliminator  is an actual "class racing" format that uses a one of a kind classification and indexing formula to provide all racers the ability to perform in a class index styled competition where going faster is always better and being the fastest in your class is the ultimate goal.

DRAGCAR  also has a variety of other heads-up and handicap formats as well which promise something for everybody in the world of drag racing from heads-up and all-out nostalgia and Pro style classes to heads-up indexed barrier classes and traditional breakout brackets.

So if you're a true drag racer at heart, join 
AmericanDRAGCAR  today and




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Phoenix, Arizona 85063

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